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Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does it take to get my finished piece back?
A. Our finishing policy is 7-10 business days. If you would like to understand why, read on. First, items must be dry before they are dipped in clear glaze. Depending on conditions in the studio, this could be anywhere from a few hours to a full day. Items are then dipped in clear glaze one half at a time, with drying in between. Items are then inspected for proper glaze coverage as we load them into the kiln. Loading the kiln is like a large three-dimensional puzzle. We try to fit as much as we can in without overloading, so that heat circulates evenly and colors develop properly. We cannot rush the cool down of the kiln
as that can cause problems in your finished piece. Once the kiln is cool, items must then be unpacked, sorted and wrapped. We feel that doing things right is worth the time. We do our best to turn around items earlier than our policy states, however in heavy production times such as holidays, that is not always possible.

Q Do you do repairs?
A. We do not repair any item that was not made in our studio. There are limits and risks to what we can repair by refiring your piece.

Q. Will you “fix” my child’s painting?
A. Why would a child’s painting need to be fixed? Their painting is an expression of who they are right now. What could be more precious? We will, however, help with putting on names and finishing touches like eyes that may be well beyond your child’s motor skills.

Q. Can I buy ceramic paint at the craft store?
A. Yes and No.
Acrylics: You can buy acrylic paints at the craft store that you can paint on porous bisque surfaces. These paints can not be fired and they can not be mixed with fired finishes. These are for decorative purposes only, meaning you can not use them for food dishes.
Glass Paints: Glass paints are made for painting on glazed-fired (non-porous) ceramic surfaces and glass. These can often be heat set in your conventional oven at a low temperature and can withstand dishwashing with non-abrasive cleaners. These paints also can not be mixed with fired finishes.
Glazes and Fired Finishes: These paints must be fired in a kiln to achieve their full color and be food safe. Conventional ovens can not reach these temperatures so you will not find these products at your local craft store.

Q. Do elephants really paint?
A. Yes! And if they can, You can too!

Questions? Want to plan a party or event? Contact us at: info@ifanelephantcanpaint.com